Old Cat’s Xmas dream

Old Cat’s Xmas dream

The Girl was sitting on one of the arms of the Polar Star. This was particularly curious fun on 23rd December. The moon had already risen and its light shined brightly on the freshly fallen snow of the fortunate ones. She could see how they were finishing off the final touches at Santa Claus’ house before their departure. Everyone was very excited and rushing around. Each package was ready for delivery (according to the written and sent requests) and the reindeer could hardly wait to get going and fly far far away.

“Oh, the Angels have arrived!” - the Girl joyfully clapped her hands. “As many countries or rather, as many houses, so many customs” - Christmas is a little bit different everywhere. But one thing is the same everywhere - on these days, even the iciest of hearts melt. For this reason, Santa Claus gives the Angels the list of even those names that have no Christmas wish list. The Angels have always attended to their surprises – an unexpected phone call, a text message, a knock at the door … :o) <3

The Girl really loved to relive the moment over and over when the Angels brushed by her as they set off on their way. It was a kind of heavenly wind, incomparable to anything else. At this time, she always felt an endless peacefulness and could do nothing but smile. The dear Old Cat came to her mind who had gone on a round the world journey. “Where could he possibly be? In Africa, Europe, America or maybe in some other galaxy? Does he know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve?” Her gaze was lost in the distance and she hardly noticed that a young Angel had sat down beside her. “Would you like to send him a surprise? - asked the Angel. “I have never sent or asked for such a thing. Is it possible? Really?” - she asked back to the Angel in amazement. “Of course...” - the Angel winked at her playfully.

“I would like to send him a dream from the time when he was a great warrior and even the giants feared his name. And when he returned home to the family fire at Christmas time, the Christmas Stollen was already on the table and the sparkling eyes waited with anticipation for him to open his heart and finally start telling his most exciting stories…” “Already done!” - the Angel laughed, hugged the Girl and flew off after the Others.

“The time is slowly approaching for me to be on my way. My soft and warm blanket is waiting for me at home, which protects me even from the dragons” - she accidentally said aloud. The Mother Dragon, who ensures the calmness of the Polar Star, opened her eyes a little bit angrily and raised her eyebrow quizzically. “Okay, okay, I’m so sorry! I meant the seven-headed dragons, not you, Mother Dragon!” - said the Girl. “That’s better!” - she replied and quietly carried on sleeping.

Before leaving, the Girl looked around once more. She was thankful and grateful to the Stars for each and every journey and experience that she had received among them and from them! She hadn’t even left yet, but was already waiting to return to them...

“I wish all of You a very Merry Xmas and a Happy 2020, rich in wondrous Miracles!”

- she held her arms open and bowed in respect.

„See you next year in the year of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter!”