OMG! Is it really X-mas?

OMG! Is it really X-mas?

Don’t worry, for now I am still sane! :)) I don’t think anyone keeps track of when Christmas is exactly better than I do. Part of this is that I love thinking about and planning what I will give to whom, therefore I typically already buy the first gift in June and I finish my shopping by the end of November. Girls – if you have any doubts... – the first gifts are already hidden away in secret places in the house… :o)

And why do I prepare like this? Because I like it when our December is calm, smiley and full of candle lights. I would just like to mention that at this time the Sun is in the Constellation of Scorpius in the Sagittarius zodiac and rather than running around we should be paying attention to ourselves.

A few years ago I coached a kind girl with whom I now regularly meet a couple times a year. Before the question arises that she has become dependent on coaching, I would like to reassure you that this is definitely not the case here. We only meet every couple of months and only to find answers to her deepest issues.

Her call at the beginning of September surprised me but mostly it was the subject matter of her call – she is already struggling with the Christmas dinners and lunches. She is a newly wed, so both partners’ parents require their attendance at each and every dinner and lunch. Until now, the result was that they ran from house to house with exact punctuality and the whole Christmas was infused with stomach aches...because of course, they had to taste everything everywhere...

One pleasant evening at the end of summer they were all sitting on the terrace with a lovely bottle of rosé and she thought that she would get ahead of the whole Christmas rush. However, this genius idea became a catastrophic disaster – the arms race between the two parent teams began at that moment.

The only problem is that this story is not the only one that I have heard about. Moreover, this situation can even lead to divorce. Dear parents, have you forgotten what it was like for you to struggle with these problems during this celebration of “Love”? What was it like when you had to please both your own parents and the in-laws all at the same time?

What can be the solution?

After a long conversation, we had the idea that the dinner on the 24th would go to one of the parents and the lunch on the 25th would go to the other. The next year it would be the opposite. But who would have the first dinner on the 24th? For this situation, we found only one solution – to draw a lot during a nice Sunday afternoon coffee.

Do you have any other suggestion?