“Order is the Soul of Everything”

“Order is the Soul of Everything”

This is the sentence that drove us crazy as teenagers and that will drive our kids crazy as well. :o) But - whether you like it or not :o) - there is a lot of truth to it.

If there is order around us – in the cupboards, the bookshelves, in the drawers...- we feel much better and our work goes more easily. Especially now when, on top of everything, we are in home office mode. I hope that you all raised your head just now and peaked out from behind your laptops to see what has to be seen…:o)

I know ... it is difficult to start to create order and it is always easy to find excellent excuses. Two weeks ago, I wrote about how we can best use our time, spared from travelling to and from work, thanks to home office. I hope that you have all gotten enough sleep by now and maybe even have that 10 minutes a day to spend on yourselves! :o)

Now I would like to share my next recommendation – let’s make order! For one reason, because Easter is almost here, and for another, because a special treasure lies in it!

In my experience, some of the best thoughts, ideas, intuitions and discoveries come right when we are tidying up. At this time, our Ego isn’t racing around, counting or writing, and especially not thinking. It just simply switches off and does its job and out of nowhere it allows our souls to speak. At this time, even the souls of those who claim they absolutely cannot meditate... under any circumstances, can be heard…:o) Are you sure about that? It is worth at least one try! ;o)

Our souls like to take advantage of those opportunities when the ego can’t push it down, so after tidying up, we suddenly notice that at the same time everything around us got put into its place, somehow the things in our head also reorganized and got put into their proper place. It is said that “the world is just like we are”. If there is order around us and within us, then even under the most horrible circumstances, we are able to smile and notice new possibilities or paths. By the way, an astroscope can always help us since it shows the driving forces of our own world at the moment of our birth. https://www.yourcoach.hu/en/astroscope

The year 2020 is all about starting over. The end of April, beginning of May is one of the best times, because according to our ancestors, on April 22nd, the Sun enters the star constellation of Aries with which a new year circle begins. This can give us energy to be brave, take risks and to be willing to leave the travelled path for the unknown. What is this unknown path? I hope you will achieve this insight while you are sorting through things and putting them in order… :o))

Finally, let me wish you “Happy Easter” with the words of one of my most favorite Hungarian folk songs:

„Spring wind floods water my rose, my rose

Every bird chooses a partner my rose, my rose

Well, who should I choose my rose, my rose?

You choose Me, I choose You my rose, my rose”