Parents and children 2.

Parents and children 2.

When it becomes known what a child is really like, a conscious parent can face the otherwise obvious fact :o) that his/her child is not his/her clone. It is a natural reaction to become a little bit sad and disappointed. In this case, I would definitely suggest we have a serious talk with ourselves – would we like to raise ourselves? What are we truly afraid of – ourselves, our child, or the lifelong, unknown challenges?

Slowly we admit to ourselves that our child is a separate person with his/her own personality and associated will. It will manifest itself beautifully at the age of 6-7 and then in the teenage years.

Then, when the first magic comment, that we hated so much as teens, come out of our own mouths, feel free to sit down in the evening and drink a nice glass of wine. And, I kindly ask you to reminisce about those adventures and situations that lead your own parents to make those comments. Remember! And think back to what you promised, in that moment, never to do!? “Once I have a child, I will never…!” Now it’s here! It’s time to do things differently.

In such cases, we could use an astroscope of our children as well, which shows us the kind of energy system and driving forces they were born with and how their internal world develops. This map will help us navigate and give us bases for how to best support them on their own path to be able to achieve a full, healthy and happy life.

If you have any further questions or decide to get an astroscope, please do not hesitate to contact me!