“Please tell me honestly – Are you afraid?”

“Please tell me honestly – Are you afraid?”

You have heard this question before, haven’t you?! ;o) Probably more than once. With the passing years, we are more and more inclined to answer this question reflexively with “I have seen so much or so many things have happened to me that I am not afraid of anything anymore.” Then in the evening when you think over your day, quietly you admit to yourself when nobody else hears you ... yes I am ... of course ... honestly ... well ... there are a few things I am afraid of from time to time.

In the world of mythology and legends, these fears are symbolized by snakes. (You might remember the movie “The Witches of Eastwick” where they appear in black and white.) Even in the sky there are two snakes – one of them is Hydra and the other one is the Serpent held by Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer (the constellation is associated with the figure of Asclepius, the famous healer in Greek mythology).

If you look up at the sky, you can see the Lion stepping on Hydra’s head. In this way, he is actually controlling his fears. Ophiuchus not only controls them, but he holds them in his hands, which enables him to heal.

From this point of view, how can the astroscope support you? Ophiuchus is a huge star constellation - it can be found above three other star constellations – Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. In the astroscope, this can even encompass two or three houses.. These houses clearly and honestly show us where our fears appear the most.

What follows from this? It is pointless to conceal the truth. It is easier to be honest in your answer to the above mentioned question - “yes, there are a few things I am afraid of! BUT! I am ready to manage them (“hold them in my hands”)!”

My answer to your unspoken questions is – yes, I have my own list of fears with positive statements as well and yes, it also happens to me that my balance is off for some reason.

The most amazing thing is that the star constellations are guiding you even then! :o) What is Libra’s message? Find your way back to your balance! And Scorpio? Go down very deep and discover what you have to cut away from yourself, what you have to say goodbye to! Don’t hesitate – cut it off, say goodbye! And what does Sagittarius say? Concentrate and focus! If you keep your balance, you will see the light and you can create anything!

Only one question remains – how to get there? Oh and one more :o) – how to be healed and heal? The easiest way is through meditation. Please do not think that you have to spend hours a day meditating! I mean sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed etc. etc. etc. Not at all. :o) It is even helpful if you dedicate 5-10 minutes a day to sitting down quietly without your phone!!! and pay attention just to yourself. Take it easy and simply travel in your mind to a place where you feel very good … :o) And if there is a problem, and fear erupts, add this good feeling to the positive statements! You will see the light at the end of the tunnel!:o))