Rumination vs. meditation

Rumination vs. meditation

About five years ago when my master teacher, Veres Mónika, did my astroscope analysis and told me that I should meditate at least once a day, my first reaction was this belongs to the category of things in my life that are completely out of the question. Of course, the fact that she added to this that, with this exercise I could raise my energy level, which at that time lay in ruins, she put the bug in my ear. At the time, what kept me going was that I could totally bury myself in my work and I had two kids to take care of. Actually, I was living from one day to the next and sometimes I was so tired that I could have lain down on the sidewalk, just to get some sleep.

Yet somewhere in my mind that half sentence was working away – “With meditation you can raise your energy levels.”

It was around that time that I first became aware of the fact that “conscious life” was being mentioned together with meditation. What was my first reaction to this? By the way, I guess yours would have been the same :o)) “Well few people live as consciously as I do … I pay attention to my each and every minute, I organize everything very thoughtfully and I keep everything under my control etc.” Nonetheless, my energy levels remained rock bottom. I started reading up on, asking questions about and researching this vast topic. I realized very quickly that “conscious life” has nothing to do with life lived according to the rational mind. Nay! Conscious life is when the rational mind and intuitions (the left and the right side of the brain) operate in co and cooperate. :o))))

“From this point on, it will be easy!” – I thought. Well, this only lasted until it became apparent that “conscious” life can best be achieved through meditation. Now let me recommend watching biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, video - - in which he briefly explains the physiological impact and effects of conscious life and meditation. As I remember, I asked quite a few people how they do meditation and I watched several videos as well. The one which helped me the most was from a Buddhist monk - It is worth watching!

I started from here. I will also tell you that it has taken approximately 1 year to get here. I was happy when I could stay calm for 5 minutes and just concentrate on my breathing. Moreover, I thought that how I sat, where my hands were etc. had incredible significance. Now I know that everyone does it differently … I prefer sitting cross-legged with a straight back so that I can simultaneously connect with the sky and the earth. I have a friend who meditates lying down and another one does it while jogging … so just do it the way your body likes it best!

Of course, you can relax in many different ways…walking, running, gardening, having a nice shower or bath or a nice dinner, surprisingly even with housework. And undeniably it often feels really good to sit down with a glass of fine wine and just be … However, one thing I ask you to keep in mind is that meditation can only be done free from alcohol with a clear mind. Only in this way can we receive the intuitions that are necessary for us to move ahead and which work perfectly in cooperation with our rational mind. In any other case, it can happen that we become a victim of our own brain’s joke … ;o) And none of us wants that …;o))

Finally, I can say two or three things with absolute confidence – you can really raise your energy levels with meditation! Moreover, a side effect of meditation is that your body rejuvenates itself because breathing and circulation slow down during meditation. In contrast, during rumination the opposite happens ...

I clearly remember how difficult it was to take the first steps and nobody could really show me the way. For this reason, if you have any practical questions I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me! Feel free to call me or write to me!