School children, parents and midterm report cards ...

School children, parents and midterm report cards ...

You can frequently read blogs or research on Linkedin about how stressed the Z generation children are.

Based on my own experience, I see it very simply – the Hungarian schools are absolutely results-oriented and competition is above everything in terms of importance. Kids in elementary school have already forgotten how to play. They concentrate on what place they will come in among their classmates in a given competition and on how their parents will react if they get a bad grade or evaluation and they fear being punished or being called soft or “good-for-nothing” etc., etc. But they are only kids and not lexicons! And they are still able to create and think with their whole hearts!

The time of midterm report cards has just passed and a lot of kids around this time don’t even dare to go home. Sometimes they even do something stupid. Because they are afraid. When they finally do go home, they often hear the words that made the hair stiffen on the backs of our necks, too “When I was your age…!” Do you remember that feeling? Do you also remember promising yourself that “when I have kids, I won’t be so strict!” And then as the years go by, we find ourselves making the same mistakes our parents made with us.

I have already written that 2020 will be a particularly important year for all of us. It’s time for things to change in this area as well! Using big words, family is the smallest unit of society. Everything starts there and we build upward. Frustrated kids become frustrated adults. And who will be the self-confident adults living in harmony?

Please don’t think for a minute that I did not spend evenings sitting on the couch clueless … what helped me move forward? My kids always had/have to feel that I was/am standing by them or behind them and never against them. They really knew that I would stand up for them under any circumstances. I had to intuit and find those words that encouraged them from within to overcome obstacles. They had and still have to learn, not for my dreams but for their own.

I know that many parents can’t send their kids to private schools for various reasons, including financial issues. However, two things can help in this regard – the first is the possibility of scholarships, which will be available in Creascola ( as well and the second is love, which means nothing other than “I am paying attention to You! I trust You and I will help You to achieve and live the life you have dreamed of for Yourself!”