“Small but Mighty”

“Order is the Soul of Everything”

Many people think that because Pluto is so far away, we don’t have to deal with it and there are others who believe it doesn’t even exist. Despite all this, I like it. Pluto is the planet that symbolizes passion, the volcano sleeping within us, literally, the fire of our souls. This is the energy with which we can achieve even radical changes in our lives. Pluto doesn’t believe in the boring middle path forward, but total and fundamental renewal.

Now that you are spending so much time in one spot and/or in one place, you are most likely experiencing unbearable low points and unbelievable heights as well … well that is how Pluto works. If you have ever felt this, it is worth feeling and experiencing how we can use this force to recharge ourselves and finally even to reach total renewal. Those who like challenges, as do I, will truly enjoy feeling this energy. Learning how to live with it and use it is a truly beautiful task. Picture it like when you are learning how to use pepper in cooking – it really makes a big difference, for example, how much pepper you use to season cabbage. I am sure all of you also have some interesting memories…;o))

Why did I write all this? Rather than turning totally inward or perhaps accidentally and aggressively exploding in home office mode, start remembering what you did with great passion as a child, what you devoted yourself to to the extent that you forgot everything else around you. Did you draw, play Lego, read, listen to music, sing or …? Search a little deeper among your memories and if you find it, please take a chance and use the energy of Pluto and recharge your batteries! :o)) What would be better than giving ourselves over to doing something with passion, while at the same time recharging ourselves and then with this brand new energy to be able to soar higher even in home office! ;o))