Spring is here!

Spring is here!

Although the weather is being a little bit mischievous, spring did officially start at 10 a.m. on March 20! And if spring is here, then love is also here! :o)

Of course, this is usually self-evident in springtime, since not only does nature wake from its winter sleep, but we humans do as well. Well, if 2020 was and 2021 has been special, then why wouldn’t Spring 2021 be special too? Afterall, this spring is being accompanied by the conjunction of the Sun and Venus, which will be crowned by Saturn’s creative aspect in a few weeks.

Until then, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Sun symbolizes, among other things, activity and Venus symbolizes not only beauty, harmony and balance, but also that “I am creative and productive”.

This spring brings us not only the opportunity to make our environment soft and beautiful, but also the possibility to start a new period in our life with the often-mentioned love creating force.

Those who already have an astrosophic analysis know, but for those who do not yet have one, I would like to say that in every astroscope there is a life Cross, which is formed by two axes. One of them is the ascendant (ASC) and descendant (DSC) axis and the other one is the Imum Coeli (IC) and the Medium Coelli (MC).

The ASC-DSC axis – the ascendant (the rising point) is the symbol of the “Ego”, the descendant (the resting point) is the symbol of “You”. The “Ego” shows the conscious me how I see myself, while the “You” indicates the not fully conscious me or how the environment sees me or what I radiate to the environment unconsciously.

The IC-MC axis – the IC (the bottom of the sky) is the symbol of the past and the origin. It shows us where we are from, what or what kind of abilities we have brought with ourselves. The MC (the top of the sky) shows us where we are going, the kinds of tasks we have that are worth doing and the direction we are heading in.

There are many kinds of life Crosses. Of these, the so-called Cardinal Grand Cross is particularly unique. Simply put, it is called this because it touches on the four cardinal zodiac signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

These four zodiac signs touching on the life Cross together at the same time (phew, this is a little bit complicated, but I hope you get the gist of it! :o))) symbolizes balance and harmony between the four elements “fire, water, air and earth” Those four elements which are connected by the fifth element, “love”.

With the arrival of spring, we usually feel that we have the opportunity for the new, and this is especially true if someone has this Cardinal Grand Cross. Precisely because of this opportunity for the new, many people can feel that they have lost the ground beneath them. The good news is that they, especially those with the Grand Cross, can now get back their inner balance more easily than at other times! But you know! Nothing happens by itself – we have to work for everything. It is worth thinking through what kind of situations, circumstances, who the person is or what kind of energy pushes us out of balance and how and why it happened and after that, with the help of relaxation or meditation, we can easily regain our harmony.

What am I trying to say with all this? Those with this Cardinal Grand Cross can start a new life at each and every solstice. This is especially true this spring because it is supported by heavenly help - the Sun and Venus. It is worthwhile awakening the dormant love and love-creating force within ourselves and stepping onto the path of action!

I wish you all a sunny, flowery, love-filled spring!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun and Venus, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.