Storm – meditation a little differently

Storm – meditation a little differently

The girl sat by the terrace door. A cool breeze brushed her face and she could smell the scent that her grandfather had taught her about. She closed her eyes and could already hear the first rain drops hitting the terrace tiles.

She liked summer storms. She was always amazed by thunder and lightning, which allowed her to fly away to far away lands. And when she became tired during her journeys, she rested on one of the beams of the Polar Star. From here she could easily see even the Milky Way.

Even now, the silence around her was amazingly shiny. Here, she was never afraid since the dragon took care of the star and the Little Dipper could take her further any time.

Suddenly she saw Pegasus quickly approaching her. But as it came, so it raced past her. The boy was riding it as usual. His light grey-blue eyes shined as bright as the Spica. “He is always running...” - thought the girl. “How great it would be if just once, even for a second – or rather for two seconds…:o)) – he would stop and tell about the far away galaxies!”

“All in due course” - she heard the kind but stern words of Master Saturn. The girl sighed deeply. “Yes, all in due course!” - she repeated.

The sky thundered and lightning zigzagged across it. “It’s time to go home” - she thought… she opened her eyes slowly and remembered what her grandfather had taught her and what filled her with endless calmness: “Patience is a virtue!” :o)