The big triangle

The big triangle

This could even be the Bermuda triangle as well :o), but it isn’t … or rather, it depends on what we believe it to be :o)) If you take my advice, you don’t have to fear it or be afraid of it. In fact, you should use this energy to your own advantage!

On the peaks of this triangle are the Sun moving in the Virgo star constellation, Mars moving in the Pisces star constellation and our three main characters of 2020 – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto -, moving in the Sagittarius star constellation. Each at their own speed … :o)), therefore both you and we can work with this energy, especially on this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, because we astrosophers (astrologers of ancient astrology) have a lot of work to do as well … :o))

The Virgo star constellation draws our attention to the importance of making order around us! It is the time to move on from the past, but we are only able to do this if we free ourselves from all unnecessary things which hold us back. This is the place in the sky where karma is activated. I am sure a lot of you are feeling scared now. You don’t have to be afraid of Karma, but you have to understand it and resolve it. It is nothing other than the universal law of reaping what you sow, or in other words – you get back as much as you put in. Karma simply means that you are inactive, unaware and unable. This is why the Sun is now giving us an opportunity to see those situations and people clearly for which and for whom the time has come for us to “make order” and move on.

For all this, Mars, which is directly across from the Sun, moving in the Eastern Pisces star constellation, is now giving us strength. The Pisces star constellation symbolizes inner order, the feeling you experience when you get back to your “self”, to your real inner self, when you are ready to close a time period in order to begin a brand new one.

The Pisces and Virgo star constellations together in the sky represent total order (both inner and outer). So, it is not a good idea to run away now, but rather to go forward. If you notice a situation or suddenly recognize a situation from previous years when your behavior wasn’t the best (you did or said something etc.) you now have the opportunity to rewrite it. The Sun asks you to do it, and Mars gives you the strength to do it. A lot of you are probably scared again – you don’t have to be! Rewriting only means that, deep in your souls (hearts), you ask for forgiveness and, in the future, you do unto others as you would like done to You.

It is always easier to curse and complain and be angry than to get past ourselves and turn towards others with a smile on our face. With this newly created order, we can bring the force from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto to our side and use it first for inner change and then step by step it can also be turned and shown to the outside world.

Just one more little thing, because it is easy to get lost in the Bermuda-triangle ;o) – the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift! You can only consciously shape the future if you remain in the present. Each and every moment is fresh, new and unrepeatable, so those become wise who use their experience well and for good!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.