The dominion of Scorpio

The dominion of Scorpio

Many of you were happy with the example I mentioned in my last blog entry, so I decided that from now on, I will share one or two with you each time. :o))

Well … there is a very kind young girl with whom Zsuzsi and I have been working together (Rath Zsuzsa This girl is in her late 20s and for this reason it is noteworthy that she is developing her spiritual knowledge. When she was with me for her analysis, it became apparent that “scorpio” has a strong influence on her life. She often experiences the fluctuations of suffering and passion and she typically sees things as black and/or white, but never gray.

If a person strongly feels the above mentioned influence of the Scorpio zodiac or its star constellation, it is worth uncovering what the exact cause is. The astroscope always shows this to us. In any case, in such instances, we always recommend, among other things, paying closer and more conscious attention to those times when passion turns into suffering, white turns into black. Why?

Every year in October, when the Sun is in the Libra zodiac sign and the Virgo star constellation, it expects us to make order around us in order to reach harmony/balance. This harmony can become stronger when the Sun enters the Libra star constellation and this same balance helps us to prevent passion, symbolized by the Scorpio zodiac sign, from transforming into suffering.

Yes, you are correct! It is not easy but at the same time it certainly isn’t impossible either! It requires conscious effort ;o) because the Ego definitely needs to experience suffering occasionally, and not just a little bit! :o))) At such times, the most important thing is NOT to let it overpower us and NOT to lose ourselves in it. But we have to give the king what belongs to the king! :o)) What exactly does that mean? We have to let the ego suffer, but it is essential to draw a sharp line.

Well, this girl found a brilliant solution for this and I am happy to recommend something similar to You as well. She is preparing to give a big presentation that requires a lot of time and it involves more than the usual amount of stress. She wrote “have a meltdown” in her calendar each day at 17:00 and then at 18:00, she wrote in “continue my work”. She mentioned to us that this works fantastically – after getting its fix of suffering, the Ego is ready to calmly sit back down in front of the laptop and continue working where it left off an hour earlier … :o)))

This weekend, the Sun entered the Scorpio zodiac sign, so if you feel you need to suffer, then please do NOT hesitate to do so! BUT! Do NOT forget to set your phone alarm so that you can switch back to passion! ;o))