The fifth element I.

The fifth element I.

I usually watch cartoons on Saturday and Sunday mornings because they really help me relax and I can totally forget the noise of the world. You might find this a little bit embarrassing, but we can only stay young as long as we can laugh and play. Moreover, with the help of these stories, I can dive deeply into the world of legends and myths, which hold far more lessons for people of the XXI. century than we or even I had ever thought.

Unfortunately, I missed Frozen II. at Christmas time, therefore I was really happy to see that it was available in my TV video collection. Movies at home – awesome :o)) In the end I found the film so interesting that I even watched it twice. The most surprising thing was that about half a year ago this tale already showed the importance of the balance among the 4 ancient elements and the 5th element, which connects them all.

What exactly are these four elements?

Fire, which blazes, melts or dissolves solid structures allowing inspiration and passion to come forth and go forward. Ideas are born.

Earth, which is solid, helps to materialize ideas born from fire. Those thoughts which are viable can take form with the help of Earth.

Air invisibly gives us life and connects each and every element of the world with every single breath.

Water, which is constantly changing, fructifies the world, cleanses it and conforms to the environment.

Neither exists without the other. Something new can appear in each element, which can become stable and then move on, and it is from this that the spiral movement is born taking us higher and higher during our lives.

If this is so, what exactly is the mysterious fifth element that Anna and Elza are looking for in Frozen 2? It is nothing other than Love. That special condition when the Other becomes so important to us that we are able to totally and absolutely forget about ourselves. This is that special force and energy that allows us to soar and change our world, even when we are temporarily stuck between four walls.

To be continued. :o)