The fifth element II.

The fifth element II.

I bet that last week you waved your hand in disbelief when you read that the mysterious fifth element Anna and Elza were looking for in Frozen II was none other than Love. You probably thought that this is just another one of those blogs about love...again…:o)

In Astroscopes (as well as in Horoscopes) the different houses symbolize different areas of our lives. Altogether, the 12 houses encompass our whole lives – just as an example, the second house is dedicated to material or financial things, the third deals with communication, the seventh is the so-called partner house and, just so you don’t forget about the future, that one is discussed by the tenth house.

And where is Love? It lies with creativity and with the individual creative force – for which we are willing to risk and try ourselves -, in the fifth house. If we just think about those writers, poets, painters, and composers … then it is no surprise. Each one of them had at least one ;o)) muse, through which the loving creative force of both the fifth house and the Leo star constellation inspired them to bring forth the most beautiful master pieces in the world.

Did you know that this loving creative force does not belong only to the artists, but to all of us, including You? You must have experienced it!? It has probably happened to you that just thinking about that “very special” guy or girl resulted in that feeling coming over you that makes you soar up to the sky and feel that you can accomplish absolutely anything in the world. This is the driving force that you can feel when you create something new in your work or you establish a new business or enterprise or … You simply fall in love with an idea and you strongly feel within yourself that you must create and go forward…:o)

Do you feel that you are locked in? Maybe it is not by chance...awaken your loving creative force – listen to music, dance, sing, draw, color… - and feel that you are filled with energy and then the four walls will no longer be a barrier, but rather the best opportunity given to us in 2020!

p.s. Many thanks to my loving creative force. <3 You are always my inspiration. xo