The rhythm of the Cosmos

The rhythm of the Cosmos

Astrologists and astrosophers are feverishly awaiting the creating aspect of Master Saturn and Uranus on June 14. Everyone I have met with in the past week has felt the effects of this energy in their everyday lives – a little bit busier, things changing from one minute to the next, the need to go outside for some fresh air … And this is the second one this year.

You might remember that this creating aspect defines this year. “The law of threes is the Hungarian truth” as they say “and one extra.” Well, this year the first one was in February, the second is about to happen :o) and the third will be on the holy night of December 24. AND! Just to be sure – Master Saturn will check back once again in October 2022, just because he likes to test and ensure that development is moving forward steadfastly.

Three aspects with such huge energy made me think a lot at the weekend. I started reading and researching …

We have already talked about the fact that the planets don’t move on their orbit just for their own purposes and about the other fact that during their journeys, they meet with other planets as well and create various aspects with them too. These meetings have their own rhythm and as a result, their own energy as well. Of course, everyone on Earth decides for themselves when and how they will make use of these energies.

Many of you know that, in terms of my origins :o))), I am a lawyer. I had to take university admission exams in Hungarian literature and grammar as well as history. Thanks to this, we needed to have a wide and deep knowledge base in order to get into university. What I am getting at is that even the history books contain references to the fact that the great pharaohs, rulers, emperors, kings, and queens made use of astrologists in their courts and discussed their opportunities and chances with them before making major decisions. The truth is that formerly, as most people do, I too just kind of jumped over this information. Thanks to this last weekend’s reading, I really understood its huge importance. Why?

In the rhythmically and energetically varied meetings/aspects of the slow-moving planets, like Jupiter, master Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – there are cycles and their various phases have significant effects on the Earth or rather on human history.

One Neptune-Pluto cycle takes approximately 493 years, a Uranus-Neptune cycle takes about 172 years, a Uranus-Pluto cycle takes approximately 127 years and the current Saturn-Uranus cycle takes about 45 years.

In this current Saturn-Uranus cycle, realism, practical knowledge, patience, humility, tradition and eternal values, on the one hand, work together with renewal, flexibility, innovation, genius and freedom, on the other hand.

This current Saturn-Uranus creating aspect in June is the fourth phase of the new cycle that began in 1988. The conjunction of these two plants in 1988 happened in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, in the Ophiuchus star constellation on the Milky Way. The Ophiuchus is the symbol of the healing God, Asclepius, in the sky. The snake he holds in his hands embodies our fears, rebirth, and creativity as well. This is the energy which, among other things, knocked down the Berlin wall, reunified Germany and disintegrated the Soviet Union at the end of perestroika

The second phase was at that creating aspect at the end of the XX century when Saturn was traveling in the Taurus zodiac sign and in the Aries star constellation, and Uranus was travelling in the Aquarius zodiac sign and in the overlap of the Capricorn and Aquarius star constellation. This last one is the most intellectually productive area in the Sky, the former one is the start or kick off itself. This energy brought about, among other things, the internet-revolution.

The third phase of the Saturn-Uranus cycle, between 2008 and 2010, was the opposition of these two planets where Master Saturn was travelling in the Virgin zodiac sign and star constellation symbolizing the daily external order and Uranus was travelling in the Pisces zodiac and star constellation, symbolizing inner order. This opposition brought us, among other things, the crash of the huge financial systems.

In these three creating aspects of 2021, the two planets have changed places – Master Saturn is in the Aquarius zodiac sign and in the Capricorn-Aquarius overlapping star constellation, while Uranus is in the Taurus zodiac sign and Aries star constellation. This is the aspect that many refer to as a “wake-up call”. After 2020, it is clearly apparent where the paradoxes are in our lives, those that should not only be recognized and are worth changing, but for which the time has come to actually change – to create the brand new from the eternal values.

Neither I, nor astrosophy is synonymous with fortune-telling. We work with energy and their maximum high-level use. It is always apparent what life areas these current heavenly energies have the greatest effect on. Therefore, we draw your attention to how you can best use them.

Since this creating aspect of Saturn and Uranus is in contact with the Taurus zodiac sign and the Capricorn star constellation, it will definitely have an effect on the material world. This material world includes soil and money as well. The most important thing is to be flexible, pay attention to your intuitions, dare to see clearly and soar, be present and do not follow past patterns, the old, expired habits! Be brave and if it moves you forward, dare to jump into something brand new. The eternal values, such as faith, love, honor, patience …, will all help you!

The Saturn-Uranus cycle will close in June 2032 on the Milky Way again in the Gemini zodiac sign and Taurus star constellation above which Orion shines. He is the king of the sky, the symbol of acceptance – I accept who I am, I accept my abilities and capabilities, I let them operate. I control my Life.

But until then, a lot of water will flow in the Danube :o)), as the saying goes. In any case, it is worth “pulling up your socks” now! And instead of standing in one place, move ahead, step by step because when Pluto reaches the Aquarius zodiac sign on March 23, 2023, we will already have to fasten our seat belts! :o)) The new life will start!

I can only repeat and confirm what I wrote at the beginning of this year:

On to brand new and happy adventures and creativity!

PS 1.: By the way – I can thank the creating force of Saturn-Uranus in 2000 that I was able to access so much information at the weekend with the help of the internet. I’m just saying … :o))

PS 2.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Saturn and Uranus, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.