The „VUCA” world and Mercury

The „VUCA” world and Mercury

I think I will just jump right into the middle of it – so, during an analysis, one’s ruling planet at birth is always revealed. Some people are a little disappointed when they get the news that theirs is Mercury. Therefore, I sometimes feel sorry for this poor planet because I feel as if it is often overlooked. However, it does in fact have great importance, especially nowadays. Why is that?

In order to be able to answer this question properly, I would like to start with two facts.

One is the quality and the highest level of vibration represented by Mercury in everyday life: “I am able to understand others and make myself understood by them. I am intellectually energetic and active. I pay attention to my words and speak nicely. I can read the signs/signals perfectly well and I understand them. There is order around me and I am able to think in terms of systems.”

The other is that the world in which we are now living is referred to by numerous experts as a “VUCA” world. I am sure you know that this is an acronym which means nothing other than that this world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

To be able to manage these four characteristics simultaneously each and every day, we need to communicate, as Mercury does, at the highest level:

- say what we think clearly and understandably,

- listen to others patiently,

- respectfully pay attention to others and respond,

- ask back in order to avoid misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts.

Why is all this important? This week one of the main characters in the sky is Mercury, which is walking at the “past” pan of the Libra star constellation (The Libra star constellation has two pans. The first one on the annual path of the Sun symbolizes the past and the second one symbolizes the future.). With this past pan, Mercury helps us understand situations that happened in the past, and with similar situations in the present, shows us that it is time to communicate in another way with the help of the axis between Mercury and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triad.

I am fully aware that “communicating in another way” in this VUCA world is a huge challenge, but it is not impossible. It requires conscious presence – you will intuit that you should answer differently (more calmly, balanced, clearly and understandably) but it can happen that your rational mind pushes you to respond the same way that you did earlier! It is necessary to stop for a moment and tell your rational mind “no! Please be quiet! I have a different intuition and I will act in another way!” Our triad gives us strength, faith and self-confidence for this. Believe me, if you bravely fight this battle with yourself the first time, the second time will be (much) easier and then it will just be practice :o). Since the Libra star constellation symbolizes balance and harmony, with this new kind of communication, we can get them back and support them. I have tried it – I can confidently say that it is worth doing!

If you have this, then what is the icing on the cake? With Neptune walking in the future waters of the Aquarius star constellation, not only can we imaging the new future, but we can make it happen in the present. You know – like the rainmaker Indians do!

Since we can only enjoy the energy of our triad for four more weeks, make use of its potential until the very last drop! :o)

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury, Jupiter, Master Saturn, Neptune and Pluto because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.