Vicious cycles

Vicious cycles

Fall is here and ingathering for winter has begun. Thanks to one of my dear friends, I read the following lines “As with all life processes, timing is very important in the ripening of fruit. It can’t be rushed, rather patience must be learned, but it is necessary to be there when they ripen otherwise you will miss out on the sweet, juicy harvest…”

Among other things, due to the above-mentioned words, Master Saturn is very close to my heart. Up in the sky, He symbolizes that “I am valuable. I create everlasting things. I rule my time and can create quality time. When necessary, I am present and when needed I am concentrated and can get myself into a focused state. I am able to recognize and surpass my limits and barriers. I make progress step-by-step with patience and modesty. I am worthy of knowledge and to “step over the threshold”.

The majority of people are living in the past and they are thinking about what they should have done differently. The thing is that there is no “if” in life! It’s not worth thinking about “what would have been if…?”. Rather, it is much more worthwhile thinking about how we should react differently today and/or tomorrow AND it is worth preparing yourself consciously for this! We all have such situations in our lives in which we find ourselves from time to time and we give the exact same answer or reaction each and every time and I’m sorry to say this, but we feel absolutely shitty about it afterwards in the exact same way as well. These are precisely those vicious cycles. What do I mean? When, for no reason at all, our mothers or mother in-laws meddle in our child rearing and we immediately lose it or when our colleagues criticize our makeup or outfits and our sense of femininity is immediately destroyed or when we don’t dare to say how we feel in a relationship after a louder disagreement, but rather we remain sad and silent, holding it all in … and I could go on …

Since Tuesday, September 29 is the day Master Saturn turns directly in the sky and moves his path in the direction of the sun, the time is here! For what? What should you definitely not pass up or miss out on? The sweet and juicy harvest … that you should be present in your life and be quicker at recognizing it if you find yourself in that particular shitty situation, or vicious cycle. When you have that feeling that you would like to react the exact same way as you did earlier, then it is time to take a deep breath and do the exact opposite – politely interrupt your mothers or mother in-laws, walk proudly by those critical colleagues with a smile on your face, tell your partners what you really feel as you give them a hug …

What do you think? Can you do it?

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mars and Master Saturn because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.