“We didn’t come here to relax, my Dear” -

“We didn’t come here to relax, my Dear” -

said the father to his teenage daughter whom I analyzed last week.

Each analysis is an honour, but it is especially great when a teenager allows me to draw his/her astroscope because he/she is open to listening to the information about his/her true abilities and capabilities.

I have met with a young man who can heal through his photos, with a girl who was born to be an actress, with a young girl whose intuitions have been confirmed that she will be a teacher in Hungary etc. and now with another girl who has a very close connection with animals.

When we analyze, we have a discussion. Everyone’s story is unique and very special. However, it is particularly special when a teenager, whose hormones are starting to kick in, talks. None of us have been able to or can escape the raging hormones of adolescence. Luckily, I have survived not only my own but those of my kids as well. According to research, these years are always more difficult to face in every other generation. My experiences support this. I should add, however, that with respect to a few important issues, like career choices, analysis was very helpful in that not only my daughter but even I could clearly see what kind of abilities and capabilities she has. The arguments we had in connection with her future for which I was and am still responsible as a parent have ceased.

And what was genius in my analysis of this young girl who feels so close to animals? She totally understood why it is worthwhile to learn biology and chemistry and why language skills are important. At the end of the analysis she simply said “I have lots of beautiful tasks ahead of me!” Her father laughed and added supportively: “We didn’t come here to relax, my Dear!” :o) <3