Welcome to 2022, the year of Jupiter and Neptune!

Welcome to 2022, the year of Jupiter and Neptune!

I hope you all have been able to get a good rest during the winter holiday?! :o)) As far as I have heard from others, many of us already jumped back into work a few days ago. Many of you are glad to have survived 2021 after 2020 and hesitantly awaited and are awaiting this New Year. I am one of those who enjoyed every minute of the last two years. Okay, okay with a few exceptions …;o)) Actually, there is a lot of work behind me. Since starting “Your Inspiration Coaching” in April, 2019, I can hardly wait to create something special again in 2022 using its privileged energy!

Why is this energy so privileged? Because the planets of Jupiter and Neptune meet in the Pisces zodiac sign at the border of Aquarius and the Western Fish of the Pisces star constellation. This extraordinary meeting only happens in almost the same place once about every 156 years.

Before we move on – perhaps you remember that Jupiter means that “I talk with my inner self and believe in myself. I am wise, honest, true and fair with myself and others as well. I am forgiving. I teach with grace and joy. I am able to think long-term”. And with Neptune “I live in heavenly harmony and my most beautiful dreams come true. I am one with myself and with the energy of the universe. I live the “Unio Mystica” and heavenly love”.

Well, what happened in 1856? What was the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune capable of? In the world of music, for instance, Wagner composed Walkür and the “blues” was born in America. Furthermore, Sigmund Freud, George Bernard Shaw and Nicola Tesla were born, as well as the first synthetic paint, “Mauve”, which was the first founding block of the modern chemical industry. Aside from the above, Jupiter also symbolizes law, while Neptune represents union, so we mustn’t forget to mention that this is the year when the German Customs Union was established and the Treaty of Paris was signed after the Crimean war.

Since Jupiter takes around 12 years to travel its orbital path, and Neptune does it in a little bit more than 164 years, the two planets will meet every 12-13 years in subsequent zodiac signs and star constellations until the next conjunction in the Picses zodiac sign. These 12-13-year conjunctions are even mentioned in the history books, just a little differently … :o))). For instance, in 1869 the Suez Canal was opened and the third French Republic was founded. In 1919, the League of Nations was established and in 1945 WWII ended and the UN was born.

Thanks to the last 2009 conjunction in Aquarius, the Lisbon Treaty came into force which made the operations of the European Union more efficient. In the music world, those top hits from performers such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift are still the staples of many parties even today and I can’t even count on one hand the number of times I have watched Avatar, the Blind Side, Sherlock Holmes or Up! etc. :o))

If Aquarius was capable of creating all that, Pisces can only amplify it! The year 2022 is the empire of abundance, music, imagination and heavenly love!

What do we need to be able to live this energy to the maximum?

Highly recommended :o))

- sweep out from under the rugs so you don’t trip on the trash accumulated over the years,

- forgive those you have always been angry with and yourself as well for letting that “something” happen,

- voice your fears out loud and immediately turn them into positive statements in the present tense.

- believe and trust in yourselves and your abilities and capabilities as you do, if you go up on the spiral step!

Following these

- let your imagination go wild AND

- make and do MAGIC like a child!

I would like to write it down again because I love it so much –

2022 is a privileged year that belongs to everyone!

My wish for you is that you are able to enjoy every single minute of it! At the same time, I am curiously looking forward to the surprises that the Universe holds for us after 156 long years?! :o) <3

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Jupiter and Neptun, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.