Welcome to the year of Master Saturn and Uranus!

Welcome to the year of Master Saturn and Uranus!

I trust that you have all rested well and are starting the New Year full of energy! You may be a little disappointed that we are still spending most of our time indoors, but don’t worry! We need all the time we can get, because during the first three months of this year, Uranus will be taking Pluto’s place as the main character next to Master Saturn and Mars won’t let us get bored either.

Do you remember? Uranus is the planet that shows us that we are capable of renewal. With it, we let the new into our lives and with its help we are flexible. With Uranus we free ourselves from our fears and live our freedom. We listen to our unexpected intuitions and follow them. Master Saturn symbolizes that we are valuable. We create everlasting things. We rule our time and can create quality time. When necessary, we are present and when needed we are concentrated and can get ourselves into a focused state. We are able to recognize and surpass our limits and barriers. We make progress step-by-step with patience and modesty. We are worthy of knowledge and to “step over the threshold”.

After reading these lines, are you starting to see where this is going? The Old and the New meet in 2021! Based on the values of the old world, it will be possible to create a brand new one this year or rather from this year on!

Why do we still need a little bit of time for this? A little more rest? A little more home office? Because step-by-step we are starting to put into practice what we learned in 2020. The most important of these are that

- we have to believe in ourselves, our abilities and capabilities! Others can only believe in us if we first believe in ourselves. You can only expect it from others if you have done it yourself.

- you can only soar if there are no weights on your feet holding you down! If any fear arises in you, immediately add to it a positive statement in the present tense without using the word “no” in it! If you have that, then concentrate only on the positive statements!

- it is worth thinking outside of the box! Barriers are always within ourselves! Be brave and give way to the new ideas, the unfamiliar and the different! There is a genius living inside all of us, just listen to your intuitions! (FYKI: the first one is always the best)

- it is worth living consciously! The best is if we control our lives and we translate our ideas into reality.

- there is nothing more exciting than when we leave behind the old, already dead things and we open ourselves up to the unknown new to which the ever-lasting values, such as love, kindness, creativity, faith and belief give us a sense of safety!

We can truly achieve all of these by paying attention to our energies and keeping them at a high level. If you have been slacking off until now, then here is the time to achieve them. For this, the best help is daily relaxation and/or meditation. Do you remember the example of the eagle and the bear? ;o)))

And there is one more thing that closely belongs to this current time period – the creative energy of Master Saturn and Uranus will be supported by the force of Mars until the beginning of March. But please be ready because Master Saturn loves tests. Anger, resentment and aggression always pull us down. If you happen to feel that you are affected by one of these, then stop it CONSCIOUSLY! Behave differently than earlier! Be brave and change your old habits! It is always helpful if you bring something new and unusual into your daily lives!

Believe me …

…we will have an exciting year!

On to brand new and happy adventures and creativity!

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Master Saturn, Uranus and Mars, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.