What has happened since September? Or OMG! Is it really X-mas? II.

What has happened since September? Or OMG! Is it really X-mas? II.

Back in September you all probably thought that I was insane to be writing about Christmas already. Honestly, if that’s true, it wouldn’t surprise me because I am used to it. For one thing, I come from the Sagittarius star constellation, which means, among other things, that I am able to see wide scale connections very quickly and I am very good at thinking/planning long-term (I see not only the next step, but the following two or three steps after that). In addition, I am also affected by the river Eridanus, which in fact, flows not in the direction of earth but the cosmos. This is the path which leads towards getting to know the “inner self” when anything can happen to a person and you can often hear the outside world saying that “you’re crazy!” This bothered me when I was younger, but now I just smile.

Well, perhaps you remember that one of my blog entries in September was about how one of my dear coachees asked me for help. The topic was about how to avoid the Christmas rush so that the “arms race” between parents comes to a peaceful end not only for this year, but in general.

We thought long and hard about the possible solution. You may remember that what we decided on was that dinner on the 24th would belong to one set of parents while lunch on the 25th would go to the other. In the following year, this would be reversed and the set of parents who would get the first dinner on the 24th would be decided by a draw.

The good news is that this peace agreement actually did come about :o) and with the same content. Only one supplement was added to it – they would have New Year’s lunch at the set of parents with whom they did not spend Christmas Eve together.

It is wise to solve such significant problems, or let’s instead call them challenges, before the Holidays! Even more so, because this Christmas there will be unexpected events/experiences in everyone’s life, including my own. On December 24th, the Sun will be in trine to Uranus. Please be open to the new and unexpected, DO NOT cling to the old or to the precisely written scripts! If something unexpected happens, smile, open a really good bottle of champagne and look calmly ahead and you will see the next step!;o)