What is my destiny? Love or work?

What is my destiny? Love or work?

I love to be on holiday, because that’s when I have time to read. Not just “sort of read”, but “really read”. :o) When we are working, we can easily fall asleep after just 2-3 pages, but during a break we can read even 50-100 pages in one breath, which means that even more books can fit into a longer holiday. Now I managed to read one – finally I had the chance to finish “Confessions about love” by Péter Müller.

This book is a tribute to the ancient Hungarian love religion. He strongly believes that the origin of the true life is in love. There are only a few people who dare to stand by it.

Although I love to work, I have doubts that there are as many people around me who, like me, were born with the Sun in the sixth house (please look at my last blog entry), as I have seen working or at least physically at work until late at night in the last 30 years. (Nowadays it is enough to have a laptop … you can work anywhere, anytime …) An easier solution was (and is) – to work, work, work rather than to live life fully until the last drop and to love courageously.

Money makes us calm, but not happy. I have often heard that “my destiny is my work.” I can say to you without any hesitation that mine is love! :o) <3 And yours?

p.s.: I love you!