What Kind of Valentine’s Day Should I Wish You?

What Kind of Valentine’s Day Should I Wish You?

Time is relative. In my 20s, sometimes it seemed that it took 2 days for one day to go by :o)) Then around 30, I felt that everything happened in a timely manner. Now that I am over 50, I am starting to feel as if everything has sped up and therefore it is even more important for me to concentrate on the fact that my life is happening HERE and NOW.

Those who know me a little bit better, know that I really loved my grandparents. To this day, I often mention them – their habits, one of their movements or expressions, even just their attitude towards life. My grandfather was approximately in his 80s when he told me that at that time he wished he could be born again. I looked at him with surprise because I didn’t (yet) understand his words. He lovingly pet my head and replied to my unasked question that with his current knowledge, he could live a much easier life.

Why am I writing this to you now? In my last blog entry, I drew your attention to the fact that this year Mercury is helping us to understand the lessons learned and with it to learn from the past. The past is an essential part of our lives; however, it is not there for us to get stuck in, but to learn from. Each and every evening, I summarize my day. Two minutes is all it takes – okay, sometimes 3 :o). I go through my day - what was good about it, and if something was perhaps not to my liking, I don’t lament about how bad it was but think about what I have to learn from the situation and what I have to do differently in the future. Well, if we are ready to learn, then Pluto is helping us greatly now not only in making the decision to do something differently, but to make it actually happen in our lives as soon as possible.

Those of you who like Sex and The City movies probably remember the scene when the girls are having coffee at Carry’s and they are talking about when each of them feels happy. They look at Charlotte in shock when she says that she is happy “not all day every day, but yes, every day”.

This Valentine’s day is special because the above mentioned two planets, Mercury and Pluto, can support us HERE and NOW to make the decision that makes us happy and say it out loud bravely if “not all day every day, but yes, every day!” :o))

Now, you are all probably thinking of big things! But believe me that in the long run, deciding, saying out loud and making the following little things happen HERE and NOW can lead to a happy change:

- every morning, drink your coffee peacefully, enjoying the complete silence,

- at least twice a week, do some kind of exercise,

- at least once a month, go to the hairdresser and beautician,

- every weekend, stay in bed for at least 10 minutes longer than planned and give yourself over to the luxurious relaxation,

- bravely hug those you love,

- in your relationship, boldly and lovingly express what you really wish for deeply in your heart and soul,

- for Valentine’s day, surprise your Love with something very unique even if you previously thought it was silly.

It is worth trying this at least once, don’t you agree? Otherwise, we would just ruminate over “what could have been if we had?” Since there is no “if” and the energies of Mercury and Pluto in the sky are helping you HERE and NOW, it is worth jumping in! So, I wish you a

Happy and Brave Valentine’s Day!

PS.: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Mercury and Pluto, because its energy can be raised more easily from now on.