What makes a woman beautiful?

What makes a woman beautiful?

If it’s Friday, then it’s coffee with the girlfriends. Well, not every Friday, but definitely at least twice a month. :o) It’s brilliant if you have girlfriends who are not only your age but also younger, who – if my calculations are correct – could actually even be your daughters.

As the years go by, the topic of beauty comes up more and more often in conversation. My Grandmother said that “beauty comes from within”. Over the years, her words are becoming all the more meaningful. My young girlfriend who is in the beginning of her 30s is still gorgeous and wrinkle free. And what’s so surprising about that? My other girlfriend who is in her early 50s is also radiant and free of wrinkles but in a different way. She doesn’t use expensive creams and doesn’t pay for plastic surgeries and yet she is shining. She is living in harmony with herself.

Until the age of 40, the body compensates for everything. Then it starts to become a little tired and requires more and more care not only from the outside but also from the inside as well. Fancy clothes, professional makeup, luxurious creams etc., are no longer enough... What else did my Grandmother always tell me? “It is difficult to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.” She was beautiful even at the age of 80.

Friday is Valentine’s Day. I would like to wish all of you a loving day with Goethe’s poem “I Think of You”! :o) <3

I think of you when the sunlight shimmers,

beaming from the sea;

I think of you when the moon's gleam

paints the streams.

I see you when, on distant roads,

the dust rises up;

in deep night, when on the narrow bridge

a traveler quivers.

I hear you when there, with a muffled roar,

the waves rise.

In the still grove I go often to listen,

when everything is silent.

I am with you, even if you are so far away.

You are near me!

The sun sinks, and soon the stars will shine for me.

Oh, if only you were here!