Who is the best spiritual helper?

Who is the best spiritual helper?

Over the weekend I was faced with the fifth case in one month where a spiritual helper (life coach, astrologer, fortune teller etc.) scared somebody with information regarding death or serious illness.

Each and every time I am surprised when, after an analysis, I am told – “what you said is great”, followed by the question “but does the astroscope show us anything negative?” The answer is very simple - absolutely nothing! The astroscope gives us the message of fullness and completeness. It is important to know that the energy of the planets can be made to work at low or high levels. If we believe Hermes Trismegistus, who gave us his teachings thousands of years ago – “As above, so below, as within, so without” – then, it depends solely on us what we choose to take from these energies since the rule of free will prevails in the Universe. Each and every day when we get up and we get out into the world, we have only one obstacle to face and that is ourselves!

We can create and we can destroy with words! Therefore, astrosophy shows us a possibility of how we can let the energy of the planets work on the highest level and how we can create a happy and full life with their help!

Please consider who and when you ask for advice or to whom you raise questions regarding your life so that you can make your decisions in light of the answer(s) you have received! Please remember that at the end of the day, you are the one who decides, you experience the consequences of your decisions and you will be responsible for them!

The task of every spiritual helper, teacher and master is to raise your energy level! At the end of a meeting, the most important thing is that you get answers for your questions or queries with a clear view of the next steps to take that will lead you to your goals! Last but not least, feel good and go back into the world calmly and happily. If it does not happen in this way, please think about which is betterif your fears, which are caused by others, control and drive your life or if you consciously control and drive your own life? Many, many thanks.