Women and men 2.

Women and men 2 .

I know that opinions will be divided on this subject – probably many of you will agree and many of you will not, but please let me share with you a few thoughts taken from my own experience. I especially want to do this, because I worked for a very long time in the so called ’man’s world’, I lived in a marriage and love a wonderful man, my kids are at the cusp of adulthood and the time is slowly approaching for them to choose their own partners.

For this reason it is very difficult for me to hear the oft complaints of the young generation at friendly dinner gatherings that ’all guys are jerks’ or that ’girls only want my money’.

What has brought us to this point? What role do mothers and fathers have in all this?

We can certainly agree that the family has a determining role in our life and that the motor or soul of the family is the Woman. The disappearing barriers make the position of women, in particular, more difficult and they are more burdened by myriad expectations – to be attractive and sexy, a successful leader or professional, an ace in the kitchen, a devoted mother, a loyal wife, a fantastic lover, a partner to her husband, the care giver to her parents, nanny, governess, nurse and so on.

At this point, I would like to add that the roles of men are not easy either– they are husbands, lovers, fathers, sons, bosses and subordinates. I think there are a few things in the world which haven’t changed. First, if a woman does succeed in finding her place, then the whole family gets on better. Second, there is a strong woman behind every successful man!