Women and men 3.

Women and men 3 .

Péter Müller’s book ’Confessions about love’ came out this winter. I am one of the lucky ones, who attended Müller’s book reading. Here, he beautifully described what love is like and what the relationship of two people is like when they mutually recognize each other’s’ work, tasks and respect each other. True love is like the tango – two individuals dance their own dance, yet, if we look at them, there is perfect harmony in their movement.

To this, I would like to add the advice of my tango teacher – the important steps are led by the Man and in each step, he waits for the Woman, so they can do it together. They can only dance in perfect harmony if they trust each other and they dare to entrust themselves to the other. What is the magic? What else would it be – during the two steps, every Woman should use her freedom, creative and spiritual ability to embellish her steps to the best of her knowledge and abilities in the protective care of the Man.

When this Man and Woman look at each other while dancing, their eyes always meet just above each other, because they respect who the other is.