Women and men 4.

Women and men 4.

I think that in the hustle and bustle of the modern word. our ego has forgotten what its task is, although the soul still remembers. We can’t ignore biology either– information that has been carried in our cells for thousands years has not changed and it can’t change in such a short time. The Man is still the Sun, and the Woman is the Moon. Why it this important?

I read and learned from the writing of Gyula Dora that deep down, the man’s soul is moved by three things – power, protection (i.e. possession in the noblest sense of the word) and emanation. Please do not misunderstand– these have both high and low levels of potential actualization. Let’s look at the higher levels!

Power is the force of wisdom, which knows everything’s place and the best way to get things done well. This force is the protective force, in other words, ‘the good king’, the tribe leader, the head of the family, the father.

In order for this power to work, to effect order and protection, he must guard (possess. in its most positive meaning) things, people, objects and maintain control over events.

With the Sun’s rays, he starts life and vitalizes it. The meaning of his existence is to build, create, fertilize and renew. Then, by protect in them and if necessary, defending them, he changes the world again and again raising it to a higher level.

This Sun energy can in fact be brought to this height by another energy, the female Lunar energy.