Women and men 5.

Women and men 5.

If everything is all right then this force of power is strengthened in the young boy day by day through instruction which tries to show him how the inside force works - i.e. how to deal with things, friends, girls and how to handle difficult situations and feelings. Unfortunately, it takes decades to learn how to use this force well and in the meantime he causes a lot of pain to others as well as himself.

It is the parents’ responsibility, even if the world is moving so fast, to teach this to their sons. Computer games, smart phones, tablets and so on won’t do it instead of us!

If we parents do not do this, then Women without even noticing it, will, as one of my best friend’s partner said - intellectually castrate the guys. Men will become more and more powerless and weak and they will completely forget their task in the world.

The smart Woman does not want to use the masculine force, but her own feminine force. This force makes the Man once again a Great Hunter and Warrior. This Great Hunter or Warrior will cherish the Woman and protect her with his life.

One last thing, since I am a woman too :o) – believe me ladies, if you believe in your own feminine force and you do not want to triumph over a Man by force, even in the modern world, this feminine force helps us find our place in the world and more specifically in work, which is still a Man’s world.