The Full Moon and the Sun

The Full Moon and the Sun

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved watching the Moon. I have always been amazed by the way she changes from day to day. I loved discovering how the tides depend on her, how she impacts the growth of plants and how our femininity mirrors her changes in physical form. The magic of the Full Moon has always filled me with awe, especially if the Full Moon is displayed in different colors such as orange or pink (you might know the song by Tom Waits about the “grapefruit moon” :o) (18) Tom Waits - Grapefruit Moon - YouTube) or if it is so close to the Earth that you can almost touch her.

We have all read many tales and stories about fairies, werewolves and other magic. But let’s stay with magic because this Saturday there will be a Full Moon again and this Full Moon will create an opposition aspect, known as “the magic wand” aspect with the Sun. This means that the energy of both will complete and strengthen each other’s energy. What kind of opportunities will this bring us?

I have already written about the fact that the Sun symbolizes, among other things, that I love myself. The Moon represents, among other things, change and the ability to change. (Dear All, (

This above-mentioned beautiful Sun-Moon aspect now gives me an excellent opportunity to write about yet another meaning, which we don’t usually deal with very often. In astroscope, the Sun is the father, the man and the symbol of the father’s side of the family, while the Moon symbolizes the mother, the woman and the mother’s side of the family. We all have both of these sides. During an analysis it often becomes apparent that most of our problems in life come from the fact that we are unable or just barely willing to accept that we are part of both of these, our father and our mother. By rejecting our mother or our father, or carrying injuries and grievances related to them for years, we can do a great job of crippling our own lives, making incredibly bad decisions or we can be unconsciously inclined to follow bad patterns or examples. We frequently hide ourselves behind masks and are super tough – or rather we try to show that we are -, and at the same time we make the same mistakes that they did …, but we would never admit it because that would be unacceptable and/or awkward.

At the weekend, I heard the following sentence in the movie “The Goldfinch”: “We get so used to wearing a mask that we end up wearing it even in front of ourselves”. On Saturday, February 27th the full moon will shine in the stars of Leo, and the Sun will shine in the future waters of the Aquarius star constellation. With the magic of these two energies, a wonderful opportunity will open up for us to see ourselves and be able to change, to learn from past mistakes in order to write a new future, to take off the mask and proudly accept who we really are.

If we want to live in harmony, to simultaneously operate our rational and intuitive minds, then we must make peace with our parents.

This is when I often hear statements such as the following:

- I will definitely not speak to my mother/father!

- There is no way I am going to call him/her!

- I don’t want anything to do with him/her!

- etc.

In his book “Soul Rodents”, Péter Popper writes that we don’t have to love our parents but we must respect them. So, I would like to reassure everyone – I don’t want and I won’t try to convince anybody to visit or call etc. them, but I would definitely suggest making peace with both of them in the depths of your soul. Saturday is an excellent occasion to do this – during a little relaxation, or in a deep meditation or with the lighting of a favorite candle. Take advantage of this opportunity because the next New Moon will already be about creation. Creating something good and well can only be done in good balance! Have a beautiful and magical Saturday.

PS: For those of you who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to those areas and aspects that are affected by Sun and Moon, because their energies can be raised more easily from now on.