The power of the scarf

The power of the scarf

I don’t remember when my love of scarves began, but everyone who has met me in person or online knows :o) – that whether it is winter, or summer, spring or fall, there is always a scarf around my neck. I have a few at home … actually, I don’t dare to count them … ;o)) From time to time, my daughter borrows them, but she knows that she has to put them back in their places, because I know where and from whom each one is from.

Of course, there are some very valuable and precious pieces. One of them, which I received 10 years ago from OC in India, is a gorgeous handmade burgundy cashmere scarf and even my daughter is not allowed to touch it. I take it everywhere I travel.

I have always been curious about the kind of physical work involved in weaving a scarf, how creative you have to be, how you choose the thread or yarn and so on. By accident, I happened across the “Mulberry Leaf Scarves” studio, where, making use of the love creating force of Venus and Neptune on Sunday, the girls and I went weaving.

Welllllll … 6 hours of work and 290 cms later … the scarf, inspired by Monet’s Lilies painting, was in my hand. The work of my own two hands … incredible and simply amazing. (While I’m writing this blog, I keep glancing at it ;o) photos/pcb.1322167561465384/1322167284798745/

Dr. Gábor Molnár, master parapsychologist, teaches that spirituality is nothing other than forgetting about learned things, turning inward and finding ourselves. Why is this important now? Because we generally live in a set of illusions and under the influence of the Ego with our intuitions totally turned off. These intuitions of ours can be turned on with increasing ease through meditation, but I can also understand that for some, it is very difficult, to say the least…Well then, in such cases it’s also possible to just relax – like the Bear and the Eagle, if you remember :o) mars_and_chilling - or do some good physical work, like raking the leaves in Autumn, perhaps chopping wood for guys, baking cookies for women … or for example weaving. While working, you have to pay such close attention to when and what your hands and legs are doing that within seconds you forget about yourself and the world around you and your eyes are only following the boat (which contains the thread). Suddenly we find ourselves, our subconscious, which doesn’t think, reason or judge or react; it just sees and offers us possibilities. We immediately and spontaneously know what the next step is, the right answer to the question, which direction we should choose … etc. There is a smile on our faces, peace in our hearts, a pleasant tiredness in our bodies … and whenever I place this “290 cms” around my neck in the future, this feeling will be with me…

… that is the power of the scarf. <3

PS. This is the scarf that I will always gladly lend to my daughter hoping that she will feel this power as well. :o) <3

PS.2.: For those who already have an astroscope (ancient horoscope), it is worth paying attention to which houses are affected by meditation – with this above-mentioned “some good physical work” you can raise these energies as well.